Thursday, April 16, 2009


i sing the blues.
i really can't sing but it's a metaphor for finally assembling all my blue beads into a necklace.
i made all these cobalt blue hued beads ages ago but felt the set still lacked something. the addition of the large green and blue heart full of silver foil was just what the whole mess needed. the spacers are opals and a few vintage blue crystals salvaged from a broken piece of costume jewelry. all the wire work is sterling silver.
i made the clasp. my little issue with commercial clasps is something that i have been struggling with. i think mass produced clasps just look out of place on my pieces - too modern, too machined, sort of like wearing a tiara and flip-flops, just not a good look.
now that's one necklace down and about a million more to assemble before my trunk show in june.
leon russell - lady blue

who doesn't love leon russell?


lotusgreen said...

takes my breath away

Steph said...

I bet it will sell fast ! It's gorgeous!