Saturday, April 25, 2009

chick chasin' gnome

the blooming inspiration above
& beads below
you can't really tell from the photos, but these two big focals are both hollow.
lots of cased yellow, pea green, pale grass green and transparent tangerine.
wee wiggly sprouts, a pod and blossom
all this set needs is one huge transparent hollow orange focal to make it complete.

and this! it's what makes all that junking fun.
a very silly, old red enamel cup decorated with a gnome chasing a little chicken.
i found it yesterday morning at an estate sale. what a perfect treasure, i adore it.
that's where i have been all week when i should have been torching and such - i was riding around in the van buying dead people's stuff. it's the beginning of the season and the sales are breaking out.

imagine that the chick is the antiques and i am the gnome running after them. it was an incredible week for vintage clothes. if you're a record archive shopper it's time to hit my clothing racks hard - there are lots of chic summer frocks and wild shirts galore. maybe tomorrow, if you're good, i will show you the hat crocheted with harvest gold yarn and utica club beer cans.


Linda said...

It was great meeting you and your husband today!! I was so happy that you stopped in...made me smile :) I hope your big day is terrific! Oh, I'll add your blog to a favorite of mine...linkie love

belvedere beads said...

ohh!thankyou - i have added you to my list too.

Steph said...

Great beads! love the green and yellow! And the cup is a great find!

jlle said...

can I please see the Utica Club hat?

belvedere beads said...

alright already - i promise i will post the beer can hat.

lotusgreen said...

i love that mug! !

i love coming here because you bring spring's cheer right into your beads. and that bag you wove!! !!