Sunday, September 07, 2008


when you're on a jag about something there comes that moment when you start to wonder... have i come to the end of this obsession? have i made enough bird images? enough bird beads?
i think not.
look who perched on my bedroom window sill - and began to sing his little heart out.

early september is glorious in upstate new york, the weather cools down just a bit and the harvest really gets rolling. right now it is the peak of the season for both peaches and tomatoes. i have big bowls of them on my counter and despite having cooked loads of tomato and peach dishes in the last few days it still looks like i have more than i can possibly use. last night i baked a gratin of summer squash and tomatoes and for dessert a small peach clafouti.
and today - another much larger peach clafouti because my husband had a clafouti freakout...
now, what to do with all those red peppers?

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