Thursday, September 11, 2008

hardy hibiscus

despite my best laid plans -
i did not spend one moment yesterday making jewelry.
little miss college sophmore fell at 12:30 on tuesday morning and dislocated her kneecap, her injury required an ambulance ride to a hospital in hornell since alfred has no hospital (alfred barely has a stop light). it was an all night cel phone free for all, i have never appreciated our cel phones more, we were able to stay in constant contact thru her whole emergency room visit. she has wonderful friends who followed the ambulance to the hospital and stayed with her and then drove her back to her dorm at aound 4:00 am.
so far, miss mango is doing well. she is on crutches and wearing a brace. she went to classes today and seems rather lively this evening.
i managed to calm down enough to fall asleep around 6am and woke up around 10 to discover that my hsbc bank had lost a large cash deposit - that took all afternoon to sort out. if i had not had my deposit receipt i would have been screwed - so keep track of all those scraps of paper.
by the time i won my epic banking battle - the day was spent. i made my husband a richly deserved meatloaf dinner and went to bed.
(with luck) i will make jewelry tomorrow.


jlle said...

the crown of green twigs ((or whatever they are) around the hibiscus bud must be where Tiffany got the inspiration for the 6-prong diamond.

Steph said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you so you can make jewelry! Hope miss mango will get better soon!