Friday, November 20, 2009

Seed Pod Earrings

This old, gray Christmas elf has designed and fabricated a lot of earrings in the past couple days.
So far, these are my favorites.

The glass beads are Double Helix Aurae raked over a base of Cim's Mink.
I am quickly becomming obsessed with Mink.
The beads are each capped with a little pile of black freshwater cornflake pearls which look like ruffled bits of dried leaves clinging to the tops of the seed pods.

These are the same design with different glass.
This pair of beads have a base of Effetre Dark Silver Plum glass that was decorated with Double Helix Psyche before raking.
The findings are gunmetal - with the price of sterling way up it's time for some less expensive, but still lovely, alternatives.

That was a nice break, but it's time to get back to wiring up more earrings.


Steph said...

They're gorgeous! I love the beads and the cornflakes pearls !

Barbara Lewis said...

Beautiful, Lucinda! I think you're right on with gun metal alternative. You can pass the savings on to your customers and put those beautiful earrings within the reach of more people!

ozjane said...

Lucinda I would love to purchase some of those ear rings but of course I would have to do it online as I cannot get to where they are sold.
Can you email me to tell me if this is possible.
I have loved them for so long now.

Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

Perfect in every way! I love these earrings!