Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Indian Summer

It's really late this year - so late that many said we weren't going to get one.
But, Indian Summer is here and it has been glorious.
The ginkos in my front yard are always, always the last trees to drop their leaves.
Some years they don't fall until it snows which makes it 'delightful' to rake them up.
They also produce thousands of beautiful looking berries - which are sticky like Karo syrup and smell exactly like dog poop. You have to wait til they freeze solid to clean them up, otherwise they stick to your rake and make you gag.
Still, despite all their faults they are my favorite trees.

I haven't had any success making glass ginko leaves - but I adore drawing them.
A pair of small paintings - acrylics on black rag paper.


Steph said...

LoL I did not know about the ginko berries ... Love the painting!

Andrew Thornton said...

Ha ha ha! Good luck with the gingko berries! We had one outside of our studio building once and it was always a problem with the unsuspecting freshman would step in them trying to cut around folks on the sidewalk getting to class.

Andrew Thornton said...
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