Thursday, November 12, 2009

Messy Poison Apple

I am weak, I caved in and ordered some new glass.

One of the new colors I got was Cim's Poison Apple, a lovely opal green that reminds me of old Jadite glassware.
I thought I would share some of my sample beads.
Poison Apple does some sublimely weird stuff when paired with Double Helix Psyche and Aurae.

This is a raked and press lentil. The base glass is Poison Apple and the decoration is Psyche. That's it, all these colors from just two different glasses.

These two little beads are also Psyche on Poison Apple and they're pretty much what I expected - a nice mirror blue band around the middle of the green. Apparently mashing the glass around with a rake causes all the unexpected webbing and milky edges because where I twisted the ends of these spacers you cans see some mother of pearl colored reaction between the two glasses.

These are Aurae on Poison Apple - the edges turn gray and the Aurae goes silver instead of gold.

Tonight - I experiment with Cim's Mink.

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