Saturday, September 22, 2007

re - refried mexican voodoo

i love making these bad boys, they are absolutely my favorite bead thing to whip-up.
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i use up all my stray beads from sets, experiments and other wonky weirdos.
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they're also good for recycling bits of junk jewelry. this one has a banged up virgin mary medal hanging from the bottom.
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and this one a wee sterling cross and a tumbled onyx heart.

i sell these 'mexican voodoo' pendants for the ridiculously cheap price of $13. that way i can make lots and lots of them and not be buried up to my armpits in them. they always get a lot of comments, not all of them complimentary. when going for the full effect i wear a trio of my favorite ones to parties.

where did the name come from? mexican radio by wall of voodoo.


Carolina - Neovamp Jewelry said...

Hi Lucinda, I'm Carolina! I wanted to say I LOOOOOOVED your blog and will be adding it to my blogroll - no obligation to do the same of course.

I love the skull earrings and your paintings are to die for!!! Those pics of the leaves in the water could be painted by Sargent LOL!!!

I will be checking frequently!

Ulla said...

Love these little guys! Wonderful!

belvedere beads said...

thanks ulla, your blog & work is such great inspriation. it's fun to find your footprints here.

Mme. A. said...

I love the skulls. Do you sell them to Brazil? What about that "Mother" brooch? Wonderful work. And that Kiki photo is stunning.