Sunday, September 02, 2007

art bead scene

i have a bunch of blogs that i check in on every few days.
one of my favorites is art bead scene.

as rolling stone is to music, art bead scene is to, well, art beads.
they have regular columns, interviews with star bead makers, they give great sources for materials and they also host a monthly jewelry challenge.

here's how it works, every month they come up with a theme and you make something lovely inspired by the theme. then just post a nice pic of your piece on their flickr site and check out all the other lovely things other readers have made.

at the end of the month someone who entered gets a randomly selected juicy prize of gorgeous finding and/or beads. guess what?

i won the august challenge. yesss, sweet. the pink fairy stone necklace got choosen outta the hat and i have some loot coming in the mail from art bead scene.

so, don't dawdle. check out this month's theme and get started.

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re-discovering the flower paintings of odilion redon.


lotusgreen said...

mazel tov!

and yeah--aren't those colors just amazing

Suntea said...

found your blog through artbead scene - congratulations!

Odilon is by far my favorite painter of all time - i've hardly ever heard anyone refer him ever so i just had to say - rock!

Anonymous said...

Also just found your blog a few days ago because of the "art bead scene". Congrats! I really enjoyed looking at your sketchbook pages too :)