Friday, February 25, 2011

More Milk Please

My what a lot of 'milk glass' beads and jewelry I've made.

Book 2, pages 12 and 13 (above and below).
So many little snippets of paper - I think the white and clear 'twisties' above are actually waxy birthday cake candles. And the skull earrings - Mable & Sable. I still have them and wear them regularly.

And there are more milk glass pages in a later sketchbook, there's plenty of milk still to be spilt.

Book 3, pages 16 and 17 (above and below).

Click here to see the white peony petal bracelet.

I am sure that I have made dozens of milk glass 'dove' beads.

Mable and Sable today.

Milk glass 'hobnail' beads, bone skulls, vintage carved ivory rose beads, freshwater pearls, seed beads and gunmetal wire.


Christine said...

you know, I really love the way you put magazine clippings and other stuff in your sketchbook besides your own drawings. I need to do that to help myself work out some ideas...

Love the 'milk glass' work, too. I've got an idea for some beads like that, too!

belvedere beads said...

Yes, All you need is an archival glue stick and the desire to rip stuff up.