Saturday, February 19, 2011

'Bug' Beads

How do you keep an old bead blog gassed up and ready when you're not making any beads?
The same way I keep myself going when I cannot torch. I go to the sketchbooks.

I have been very busy with my bead books. Farting around with them, working out new ideas, pasting little bits of colored paper onto the pages. Thinking about using old ideas in new fangled ways.

It's all part of getting ready for the happy day when all my new equipment is here and the space I have rented is ready. Keeping my fingers tightly crossed, I now have a tentative date of March 5th to get my keys.

The two pictures above are pages 84 and 85 of book #3. "Bug Beads"

They're not really glass insects, but they do have mashed wings on their sides which makes them sort of buggy looking. I make them with a simple pair of tweezer mashers. A great, must-have, cheap tool to keep on your bench.

This is a favorite pair of earrings made with this style of bead. I wear them all the time, especially on a stupidly cold days like today when I am whining and dreaming of spring. Their colors were inspired by lilac bushes.

There they are in my bowl of everyday earrings. The six, or so, pairs that I wear most of the time. It's a lovely, old, small Murano glass candy dish with gold foil inclusions. Glass, glass, glass - it's everywhere.

So what do you think?
Can I keep you entertained until the 5th of March with pages of bead porn from my sketchbooks?


NuminosityBeads said...

Wow, I've never sketched beads in advance. So much seems to happen right on the mandrel. It would probably help me in sculptural pieces which I'm not so good at.
I finally got back to the torch yesterday after travels and a million other diversions and it felt good to be focused.
I just tried the same basic formula in many different combinations of colors. I hope to post them later today.
Stop on by and see what I'm up to!
xoxo Kim

rosebud101 said...

Without a doubt, YES!

Christine said...

Yeah, I am ALL ABOUT looking at pages form your sketchbook! Awesome stuff, and really cool ideas! :)