Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oranges and the Blues

Monochromatic beads - these are in an Effetre transparent color called 'Intense Blue' which a real Noxema blue. It's gorgeous to work with because it never boils or scums and flows beautifully.

Miss Kiki in the crazy orange chair. Little pumpkin pie.

Book 3, pages 80 & 81.

O mandarin oranges.

I have not had you in years and years.This can started singing to me yesterday in the store.

99 cents of pure delight?

Will you be as good as my childhood brain says you will be?

Winter is so grim, everyone has the blues. I think a little overly decorative, crazy sweet, vividly colored food is in order.

My grandmother mixed the leftover syrup into ginger ale to make cocktails. I may add some vodka.

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NuminosityBeads said...

I love seeing how your sketches manifest themselves in the glass.

Speaking of blues and vodka, I just boiled up a bunch of last summer's Alaskan blueberries and made a juice that tastes so good with a bit of vodka.
xoxo Kim