Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Sweet Tweets

I found a little bowl of beads last night that had gotten lost in the holiday shuffle. In there were three little birds. They reminded me just how much I love to play with fire.

I haven't melted any glass in about six weeks, big sigh.

But now I am taking a deep breath and setting up my own lampworking studio. I've saved up some money for the equipment and am visiting studio spaces today. I am so excited I could pee myself.

Anyone out there in the lampworking world who would like to make suggestions, or give warnings, about equipment please leave comments.

Please tell me what you are using. Share your torch stories. Do you love it?

I am thinking of getting a Nortel Mega Minor for my torch, and a Paragon Bluebird XL for the kiln. I plan on using a concentrator as my oxygen source.

I can hardly believe it's real.

p.s. the birds are in my "Belvedere" Etsy shop.


Christine said...

I love that blue bird at the top left!

I wish i had something intelligent to say about torch-buying, but I've been trying to get the $$ together for two years to upgrade from my HotHead. Seems like I'll never get there. I know Kerry loves her GTT Bobcat, and that is what I am going to buy as soon as I can.

Congrats on being able to set up your own studio/torch space!! Next time I'm in Roch, I'll have to stop by!

belvedere beads said...

I would love it if you came to visit.

I have always worked, and taught, on bobcats and love them.
Now you're making wonder if I should change!

Christine said...

If you love the Bobcat, why mess with something else? :) I've heard they are really good on concentrators, and Kerry makes some pretty big beads on hers.

(GTT also makes the Hellcat, which I want only because I want to say I work with a torch called a HellCat! ;) )