Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book #3 page 75

This is a very typical page from one of my bead sketchbooks. It's just a couple of pictures clipped from a decorating magazine that gave me an idea for beads. I pasted them down and drew a few notes in the leftover space.

For a closer look click on the picture and a larger version will open.

You can do this!
All you need is an archival glue stick, a blank sketchbook and a ball point pen.

I suggest a small, spiral bound sketchbook. A spiral binding will lay flat when it's open to any page. For safety's sake, please, don't put the book on the bench when torching. Mine rests on a barstool next to where I sit. That way I am pretty sure it will never burst into flames. I tend to be a bit poppishly impatient with my cold rods.

A gratuitous photo of Napoleon P. Oodle.

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