Thursday, October 18, 2007

dreamland faces

i am not getting anything done -
only some planning for paintings and beads.

i don't even have my bead sketchbooks with me.
just noodling on scraps of paper and stray notepads.
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a new bead shape - a kind of pod with a twisted top knot.
i will try starting with a round bead (#1)
then add ridges (lobes) of a different color glass (#2)
and finally spot heating the top and giving a little twist pulling up slightly (#3)
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a while ago i made this completely weird necklace with the theme of mickey and minnie mouse.
it's not really working yet - i may go all out and try making some weird sculpey mickie heads for it.

i miss dreamland faces - they used to live here and play every saturday morning at java's public market cafe. sigh.

dreamland faces

1 comment:

diello said...

Hey, came across your blog while searching for Dreamland Faces.
In case you might not know, they'll be here this Friday (may 9th) at the Dryden!