Saturday, October 06, 2007

magnolia study

this wee little painting has great luminosity, it is all done on top of metallic gold underpainting.
something i plan on trying with my next big canvas. i believe that 'golden' makes gold gesso.

magnolia study - acrylic on paper - 4" x 3"
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i am a bit behind with my painting because i have someone staying in my studio.

it is wonderful to have a place to shelter friends thru weird times or a place for families to stay when there are big events like weddings. but, when people are living there i like to try and stay out of their hair.

right now i have a stressed out 56 year old white male encamped there, bunkered down on my sofa watching the baseball playoffs. he seems a bit bewildered by the place but says he loves it. next week i have got to get back to painting... that should be interesting for both of us.

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