Saturday, January 13, 2007

spiral dancer

kinda like a party dress bead, but something different.

first i made a handpulled aventurine stringer with three colors.
if you have never pulled your own goldstone stringer you have to try it. it's not difficult and you can encase your custom stringers with colored transparent glass for lots of great shimmer. *

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this bead has a clear core with some encased silver foil, then it was wrapped in a teal, clear and bordello encased aventurine stringer.

* to make this tri-color stringer - punty the chunk of aventurine onto the end of a clear rod. then mentally divide the chunk into quarters, coat one quarter of the chunk with transparent teal, the next quarter side with clear, the third quarter (opposite the teal) with bordello and the final quarter with clear. do all this with out putting the aventurine into the flame - once the flame touches it the sparkle burns out. now, making sure the chunk is completely covered in transparent glass place the blob into the flame and heat it and pull your stringer. sooo cool.

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