Friday, June 08, 2007

there's a dead mouse... the middle of my desk
sorry about the long absence - computer problems.
so here i am stealing some blog time on my little mango's apple.

i had a house guest over the weekend, the ever amazing enigma baby gramps stayed at my studio. check out his new song on the pirates of the carribean soundtrack.

here's gramps on letterman. and yes, it says baby gramps on his driver's license.

gramps and my big poppa - two peas in a pod - bff

and another - gramps singing one of my favorite songs - big rock candy mountain.

he said he wrote a song about salvadore dali & kansas (as in dorothy) while staying at the studio - i haven't heard it yet. he pretty much just hides out there when he's here and i don't bother him. i figure touring is weird and exhausting and he seems to adore having some alone time along the way. he and my better half do some stuff, but me, i just let gramps sleep.

got to run - gonna go see king solomon burke tonight.

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