Thursday, August 09, 2007

eggplants galore

more galore - this time eggplants instead of earrings.

just to be a bit difficult i planted 2 eggplant plants in a flower bed next to the side door.

one plant has two lovely slender purple eggplants on it.

the second plant is a freaky eggplant powerhouse and currently has 46 small green & white striped eggplants developing on it- and more blossoms coming on.
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i have no idea what variety this is, or how large the mature eggplants will be.

in any case, it has been a very entertaining plant so far.

2 comments: said...

How fun!!!! I love them! You must find out.. are they edible???

DC Designs said...

how cool! my Italian great grandma used to grow her own eggplants this picture reminds me of going in the backyard and picking them with her. thanks for stopping by the bloggity blog and commenting. Its funny that you suggested the leaf hair pony as I actually have one made in the picture where I blogged about all my leafy stuff. :)