Saturday, April 05, 2008

spring tote bag

hey, i took another quilting class yesterday
and made myself a quilted floral tote bag.
floral tote bag
it's about 20" long and all cotton.

floral tote bag detail 1
first i wildly machine quilted the fabric - that's a lot of fun -
you can see the reverse side inside the bag in the pic below.
floral tote bag detail 2
after the fabric was all quilted it got sewn up into a big tote bag with mesh handles.
the teacher was very clever and i learned how to make 'french seams.'

and here is some more french, as in a poodle
kiki face
a glam headshot of miss kiki p. oodle.


Steph said...

Gorgeous bag!

belvedere beads said...

thankyou, i am such an imbecile when it comes to sewing - i really appreciate the compliment.