Wednesday, April 09, 2008

worst fears- a gunman on campus

i got a frantic cel phone call from my freshman daughter yesterday.
the campus was on 'lockdown' because a gunman had been spotted.
she was in the depths of the library waiting for information thru the mass cell messaging network the university set up after the virginia tech shooting.

to read her blog entry written during and after the event click here, it's chilling.

i was stunned, angry and petrified.
eventually the 'gunman' was found, he was carrying a nerf gun which he had painted black for some unimaginably stupid reason. a secretary had seen a young man in a hoodie, wearing a backpack, run by with a gun.

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Steph said...

Oh my, Lucinda ... not funny at all ... I would have been more than scared ... Glad it was a fake gun...