Friday, December 08, 2006

winged hearts - a quick how-to

winged hearts are currently my favorite bead to make.

i made some scans of pages from my bead sketchbook that were notes to myself on how i make a winged heart. yes, i could easily forget a couple months from now when i am on to the next favorite bead.

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it is very important to keep a record of what you are doing in the studio. i have kept a drawing and painting sketchbook since i was in high school. (and no, it's not scribed onto ancient clay tablets)

a sketchbook helps crystallize concepts, inspires you when you're flat and eventually you will have a record of beads that you may have sold and scads of techniques you have learned.

for beading, a spiral bound book works exceptionally well. you can lay it flat on the bench. also, you can fold it over so a minimal amount of paper is exposed to flying bits of aggressive rod ends.

my bead books (i have filled one and half of a second) came from an art supply store and measure 6" x 6." a nice size that fits in my glass tool box.

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