Wednesday, September 13, 2006

big at heart

i am getting ready for a show - my first with beads.

this pendant is made with a gianormous glass heart focal, mexican turquoise and freshwater pearls.

the bead is an 'end of the day' creation.

'end of the day glass' is a tradition in handmade glass production.
at the end of the day some whimsical piece was made (often by apprentices) with whatever random assortment of colored glass fragments were left on the marver.

i use whatever stray frit, stringers bits, shorty shorts and naughty shards (the bits that fly off when impatiently warming canes) to make my last bead. waste not, want not.

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yes, i will be selling small paintings at the show, the big ones are too much for an outdoor event.
to see paintings and drawings click here.

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