Monday, December 16, 2013

Purr-ple Nuggets of Joy

I am not into making big, complicated, stand-alone beads.
I am impressed with people who do, but I am more about making parts for my jewelry pieces.

I just finished this bracelet.
See how stinking simple these beads are?
Just two shades of rosy purple, dark on one end and light on the other, with lots of hand-shaped facets.

These eight are a take on amethyst but the possibilities are endless.
Lemon-lime, watermelon tourmaline, blue & black, gray on gray, red and yellow...

The metal links are 18 gauge bronze and the clasp is 16 gauge bronze.

Yep, it snowed here and then it snowed some more, and more is on the way..

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ozjane said...

Love the bracelet