Saturday, December 14, 2013

Black & Gold Monster

Like something come back to haunt me from the late 80's - a giant black and gold tone charm bracelet.
I wish I had an old Chanel earring or button to add to it...

It's huge, brash, jangly and not for the timid.

The base is made with some of my black glass beads, then I layered on a pile of antique black glass buttons and lastly, because too much was not enough, I added a mess of vintage gold tone charms from my stash.

There is a kitten, root beer barrel, mushroom, unicorn, clown, lots of hearts, hula dancer, crown, Eiffel Tower, purse, clam shell, some old coins, a bell, seahorse, race horse with lucky horse shoe, and I can't remember what else. So much fun.

The old glass buttons are really cool.

The clasp is sort of boring, but it needed something big and sturdy and overall the design worked.
I used a lot of bronze wire putting it all together along with some black enameled oversize jumprings.

Less may be more, but sometimes nothing succeeds like excess.

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