Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Behind The Tree Truck

As we were driving along on some damn country road we came up behind a truck hauling holiday trees and I realized I am about to be run over by Christmas.

I have no master X-mas plan, only a few presents squirreled away and the knowledge that my red & green doom is two weeks away. There's not much spirit in me this year. I see other bloggers posting about handmade ornaments and gifts they have lovingly made and have seen their fancy trees all decorated.

My friend Tommy told me about this a great holiday song called 'Truckin' Trees for Christmas' by an old timer named Red Simpson.

I love it!

Maybe I'm just hungry but I am feeling the urge to bake some sugary cookies. I found a festive recipe, or two, on Pinterest that seem intriguing. That's a start, eh? Maybe some Christmas cheer will wash all over me any minute now? Maybe I just need an eggnog and a Valium to kick-start the season.

Whatever am I going to do about Christmas this year?

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Copper Diem said...

I'm not much of a christmas person either. Too much hassle to get a tree and do all that gunk.