Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ocelot Nuggets

This big necklace was a Christmas present for my sister - so I couldn't share it with you until she had it round her lovely neck.

It's has loads of hand-faceted beads.

The glass used is a combination of 'pale transparent brown' and 'light topaz' - equal amounts on each bead randomly blobbed on. Some beads are more brown and some are more honey colored, it gives the necklace a nice organic look.

The beads were decorated with reduction frit.

I have discovered 96 coe frit.
These beads were made with a commercial blend called "Ocelot Spots" by Val Cox.
It's awesome - the beads are nicely speckled and have a gorgeous blue iridescence.

The necklace is put together with lots of hand hammered sterling silver.
It's nice and long and looks very posh on her.

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