Friday, August 03, 2012

The Simple Bracelet

It's the dog days of summer so why am I thinking about the holidays?
Because it's time to start designing pieces for the shows I am doing in November and December.
So here I am, all bare feet and popsicles, trying to think like Santa.

This is something I am calling 'the simple bracelet.'

I like my jewelry two ways. One style looks like it was made by the ancients and recently dug up by someone wearing an explorer outfit, the second like it just fell off of a plant.

This bracelet has hammered bronze spiral links and iridescent honey colored beads.
It feels great on the wrist, not too big and really easy to wear.
The bronze will gradually age to that greenish chocolate color of bronze statues in museums.

Here's the same design done with sterling silver links (above) and blackened steel links (below).
I'll be making oodles of these for Christmas, time to go reward myself with a nice cold beverage.

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Celeste Kemmerer said...

I love the sterling one with the purple beads!