Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bracelet Mania

Making sets for bracelets.

Blue Skies and Leaves - 'opalino blue' clouds and 'mosaic green' off mandrel leaves.
'Mosaic Green' is my new favorite glass, just look at all that shading with no work at all.

Stinkberries - hand faceted nuggets with a core of Cim's 'berry,' rolled in large 'raku' frit and then encased in 'pale olive green.'

 Road Tar - Cim's 'Gunmetal' glass.

Lots of blobs, trails and applied leaves to show off the luster in the glass. The spirals are done by spot heating and twisting with non serrated tweezers.

Making sets this size is perfect - not so many beads that you lose interest and get bored while making them, but enough so that you feel like you've really accomplishing something.

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