Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the Alayna

On her birthday, way back in May, I decided to make Alayna a necklace.
I knew it had to be done in her favorite color scheme: black and white.
Also I wanted to make it with sterling silver because it needed to be a perfect present..

After a few false starts, then the task of making 100s of wee black and white beads, cleaning 100s of beads, and the construction delays, it's finally where it ought to be. On her neck.

It's nice and jangly without being too heavy.

The clasp is a simple, hammered hook and eye.

I've started another version of it in watery aquas and iridescent soap bubble colors - like dew drops.
It takes some time to make this many beads and then clean them.


Gardanne said...

Beautiful Lucinda, at Bead Fest everyone wanted to see itty bitty beads so make more.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I like and make the tiny beads because they are easier to wear. Cleaning can be time-consuming...I've been using a Dremel with a diamond bit. I try to set up and do all the cleaning when I can watch TV at the same time.