Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seed Pod Pairs

'Tis the season to make pairs, and pairs, and pairs of beads for earrings.

These have a core bead of Cim's Kahki and outer leaves of Cim's Maple.
Maple is one of my new favorite colors, it's a much more earthy transparent brown than topaz.

This pair is Cim's Army Men with Maple again.
Go ahead, ask me how many bundles of Maple glass rods I bought. I'll never tell...

These are my favorites. The centers on these are Cim's Atlantis, the outer leaves are Cim's Halong Bay and Maple (again). Atlantis is dreamy, it's an opalescent turquoise that is not at all fussy.

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Christine said...

CiM is my very favorite glass....and it's been SO long since I've bought any. Must add Atlantis, Maple, and Khaki to the shopping list. Beautiful pods!