Friday, October 21, 2011

Heaven is Hot

The weather yesterday was of those fall days.
Not one of the crisp, sunny ones with beautiful leaves and long slanting light.
It was a cold, nasty, windy thing with a dark miserable sky.
Reminding all Rochesterians that big, bad winter is just around the corner.

Yesterday's temperature inside the studio?
86 fucking glorious degrees.
It wasn't just warm - it was hot.
Yes! The boiler is on and as promised my studio is one of the toastiest in that giant, old rambling building.

It was a wonderful day of torching...

...followed by some quality time with my favorite chair.
She's a ruin, but I adore her. She's a rescue chair, found on the curb.
I seduced her with whispers of leather restorer and promises of fancy digs.
And now she's my special, studio friend.

My bowl of 'shorts' is getting out of hand.
Maybe today I will turn straw into gold and make a big batch of buttons out of that mess.

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