Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Big Skies & Little Beads

I am a headpin making machine.

These are just a few of the hundreds of headpins that I have made in the past week or so.
After all, it is earring season.

Little golden leaves - Double Helix's iridesent 'Aurae' glass over transparent topaz.

Grass green seeds with transparent dark purple leaves wrapped around them.

All of these are going to be bent, hammered and wound into earrings, maybe with a few semi-precious stone added here and there. They will be sold at the endless series of holiday shows and sales I have scheduled from now through December.

Big skies over Rochester last night - this is the view from my studio window as I finished a long afternoon session of torching that lasted well into the evening.

1 comment:

Gardanne said...

Those glass headpins are out of this world, your glass muse is firmly planted on your shoulder.