Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's the Story Morning Glory?

I have spent the last week, or so, painting like a mad woman. There are five new painting which are coming along very nicely. My big, old house smells like oil paints, my fingers are stained and I feel very content.

Below is a photograph of morning glories that's the 'model' for a 24" x 24" painting.

Each morning I very diligently I have snapped a photo, of the previous day's progress, to show the painting as it has 'grown.'

At this point (above) the shapes have been drawn in with colored pencil and then areas of base colors (under-painting) have been blocked in.

A few days later most of the blocking is done. Since this is an oil painting things need to dry before the next layer is added. This takes time, so I usually work on several painting at a time. Right now there are five going.

Now we're really starting to see the painting come together. A few details are in, layers of translucent color are being built up, mistakes are being fixed and the fun is really getting started.

It's about halfway at this point. If you would like to peak in at the rest of the painting there is a public album up on my facebook page - the link is here.

Yes, of course, when I make glass this week there will be morning glory bud headpins.


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I loooove your paintings soooo much.

Steph said...

Love it! :)

Linda said...

Love the photo & the painting!