Sunday, August 28, 2011

Magnolia Buds

I am completely obsessed with glass headpins.
First making them at the torch and then using them as elements in jewelry.

The page in my bead sketchbook where I pasted a magazine clipping of magnolias that became the inspiration for this big set of headpins. Without reservation, I can say that archival gluesticks changed my life.

All of the headpins were made on blackened steel wire that I got at the hardware store.

A bracelet? I think so.


WondrousStrange said...

Yummy colors..Victorian garden feel:) Love the little flashes of orange that really set the bouquet off!

Christine said...

Man, I just love your headpins! They are really inspired, and these are such gorgeous colors.
Do you seal the wire with anything when you use the annealed steel? I love that wire, but I worry about rust.

belvedere beads said...

Christine, I sometimes put a little bit of wax on them to give them a bit of protection and luster. But, I have never had a piece rust, or heard back from someone that their jewelry rusted. He you had any rust problems?

Christine said...

I got some wet while working with it and it rusted a little, so I sealed with an acrylic spray. But I'll try some wax next. :)