Saturday, March 26, 2011


If you know me, you know that I like everything used. New stuff just stresses me out. I believe that there's enough of everything out there already. I almost never buy anything (other than food, bedding and underwear) new. It was very difficult for me to step up and buy my torch and kiln - I wanted used - but nothing was ever available.

This was not the case with my studio furniture and work surfaces.While browsing the websites of companies holding household sales this week I spotted this photograph of a table.

I asked my husband: "do you I could be so lucky as to find a metal table the day I need one?"
Sure enough, it is a huge metal welding table.

$50. Sold to the over-excited lampworker.

Next on my shopping list - a storage cabinet for tools. Found it at the very next sale - $20.

It's in excellent condition, the color is the most amazing green and the drawers are spring loaded and slide like a dream.

I paid for them on the spot. My husband teased me and asked "are you going to buy anything today that weighs less than 200 pounds?"

Now that I have scored such great deals on my studio furniture I am starting to feel better about spending on the new kiln and torch.

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Gardanne said...

That is so weird Lucinda I saw that exact table the other day on line (my metal smithing table) good thing I am out of town or we would have had a big cat fight.