Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bangles, Totally

I made myself some jewelry on Sunday night.

From my bead stash I excavated a box of gem chips, and tiny pearls, and fashioned some bangles with my hammer and some vintaj style brass wire.

These were totally inspired by Kerry Bogert and her book "Totally Twisted."

When I peeked in on Facebook this morning I saw it's celebrating it's first birthday today. Immediately I knew it was the perfect day to share pictures of these bracelets.

Without Kerry there would be no coiled wire in my life...

Also, it didn't hurt that I was watching Beverly Hill Chihuahua on tv while wiring them together. Don't judge me, I just got sucked in. Who can resist fancy, fancy, fabulous talking dogs? I think I need to make some gemstone and wire tiaras for my poodles.

L to R: labradorite, dark pearls, garnets and rose quartz


one-eared pig said...

Very pretty! I love bangles.

rosebud101 said...

Very, very nice, Lucinda!