Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blue Bubble Gum

More inspirational vintage Venetian beads from my collection.

Monochromatic beads can be so beautiful.
Sometime I think I just make my beads too complicated.

The color of glass used in these vintage Murano beads is still available - it's from Effetre and is appropriately named "Sky Blue."

The beads are simply ovals with little pinch marks all over them. The tweezers the lampworker used obviously had three prongs instead of two. I wonder if I can track down a pair of these weirdo tweezers.

Don't you think they look a bit like gum wads?

Right after I took this photo the old thread they were strung on gave out and beads went clunking about on the table. They're now restrung into small bunches and are up for sale in my 'Curious Old Things' Etsy shop.

Yes, of course, I kept a few for myself as a reference.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

Yes, the do look like wads of chewing gum, but I love them! What great beads.