Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Red

This morning while I was yakking on the phone with Anne 'bout beads something huge happened.

Something enormous arrived by freight truck.
That weird black blur in the lower right corner is an over-excited miniature poodle running circles around the giant cardboard box.

No, it's not a box full of extruded, weird, spray foam insulation.
I have to say it was a brilliant way to protect my new baby during its trip here from Texas - and probably way fun to do back at the factory.

Ta da! Eighty pounds of red hot kiln love.
Maybe it just looks like a big red rectangle to you, but to me, its a dream come true.

I am exercising a lot of self-control and leaving it in the box until I take it over to my new studio. 
There will be more pictures later, just like a glowing new mom posting cute baby pictures.


Christine said...

Sa-WEET!! Yay for you!
Can't wait to see your new studio all set up and ready!

WondrousStrange said...


Kerry said...

yee haw!! that is wonderful!! i got to peek into your studio yesterday. i think it is done! don't take my word for it though. see you there soon :)