Thursday, March 20, 2008

falling of the edge of the world

now that was a glorious vacation.
it was full of trains, music, friends & all sorts of fun.

starting with traveling by train.

amtrak, austin
amtrak is not for those with a tight wristwatch or delicate sensibilities. it is for those who like to sit back and watch the backside of america roll by.

our train
the trains thunder along, rarely on schedule, and all you can do is relax. which is the whole point of rail travel - decompressing.
spevak's window
the cars are a bit shabby but not too weird - that's was our window up there on the right.

this is my side of the roomette, our traveling friends had the roomette across the hall.
we rode with our compartment doors open and red wine & conversation flowed freely between the rooms.

bunking down
belvedere slept here.

at night your porter folds your seats into bunkbeds.
in the lower berth the whole edge of the bed is a panoramic window. you lay on your side and sway and watch the night roll by - and the dawn arrives as a rainy morning somewhere in arkansas.

for those of you who have never seen my husband relax, here is a rare photo.
someone on the train asked him if he was timothy leary.

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