Friday, March 21, 2008

the backside of america

trust me, the train does not pass through nice neighborhoods.
you'll see the sinister industrial nasty parts, wide open blank spaces and the poorest backyards of the country.

a graffiti filled train yard, somewhere.
they all have lots of strange stains and razor wire.

ron paul
ron paul graffiti on the edge of the train station in austin, texas.

a refinery somewhere along the way.
the refineries are oddly beautiful at night because of their flaming spires.

arkansas field
one of the endless cornfields in arkansas or illinois or missouri.

st louis arch
a foggy twilight view of the st. louis arch.

an alien pod storage building.

a texas sunset flies by.

rolling thru normal, il.

grassy knoll
one of the more interesting sights along the way - this is the grassy knoll, in dallas, where president kennedy was assassinated.

as to beadmaking, i tried to bead this morning but the studio was closed. i am really out of the loop and desperate to make some wee fancy bits of glass.

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Steph said...

I wondered where you disappeared ! Now I have the answer ... looks like a cool journey , it must be a great way to "look" for America ...
Welcome back and thanks for sharing these pictures!