Thursday, February 14, 2008

a bedroom valentine

i painted a huge floral mural in the old studio bedroom about 10 years ago - it made it an incredibly romantic space.
with simple warm white walls as a base i wildly brushed on layers and layers of thin metallic silver washes that covered the walls with stylized flowers.

i did the whole room in one afternoon.
to get a better idea of scale you can see a wall socket in the lower right hand corner of the picture above.

now, all my carefully collected & curated garage sale furniture is gone. all that's left are the satin and sheer art deco silver metal curtains and the chandelier.
the feel, a sort of voluptuous crustiness, was perfect for me. it was probably the most beloved and comfortable room i have ever had.
homeless bachelors thrown out by their girlfriends have summered there, photographers did shoots here, out of towners came for weddings, some famous musicians stayed the night, and many pairs of lovers were sheltered there.
the new residents are anxious to paint over it, i didn't blink when they started talking about what color they were painting the bedroom, but was devastated to hear it was going to be destroyed.

my romance dismantled.

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