Friday, February 16, 2007

matching pairs - poodles & earrings

dogs and earrings - a natural combo.
"two of anything make a great pair of earrings" - jacqueline levine borek

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yes, we got 21" of snow - not that much - but more than enough. good thing i don't have to pish in the snow.

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that's miss kiki p. oodle going in head first.

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these bits of glass are currently my favorite earrings.

the beads are just dark ivory glass rolled in silver foil bits. then the beads were done up with sterling beads and wires.

miss mango is in barcelona by way of detroit and amsterdam - no, my dear girl there are not hash bars in the amsterdam airport. children ask the darndest things. j&j were in thailand yesterday, and if it's friday it must be dehli for them. julia is on her way to london & paris. it's february break and everyone's getting outta here.

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