Monday, February 26, 2007

annie modesitt is hot

i am, like, so done with winter.

in florida i had 4 days without a single coughing fit. my fingertips and toes didn't perpetually ache and i wasn't partially immobilized by layers and layers of heavy clothes. why do i continue to live in this stupid freezer?

i was in such a rush to get outta this tundra that i never blogged about annie modesitt.

ever since i discovered flameworking my knitting has definately slipped in status to craft number two. annie modesitt, a mistress knitter (she prefers it to master knitter) sometimes knits with wire and beads. how perfect is that? one look at this woman's book and i was thinking outwards in giant spirals of fine silver wire and my flameworked beads.

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her 'lecture' to the assembled ladies of the rochester knitting guild was fabulous. she has tremendous presence and charm and on top of that she is one of the world's fastest knitters. yes - i saw her knit and it was mindboggling. i drank the koolaid, bought her book on knitting with beads and wire (Twist and Loop) had it signed and even got a few words with her. i ordered some sterling silver wire today...

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i also need to get her book called confessions of a knitting heretic.

and lastly, to finish today's blogging a couple of gratuitous pictures of kiki p. oodle. it was a good day to be the dog.

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oh, and i have knit something of annie modesitt's already - she devised that clever pattern for the 'backyard leaves scarf' from 'scarf style.' i never made the connection til just now, duh. where is that scarf?

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