Friday, April 11, 2014

A Quilting I Will Go...

Every spring I go on a 'quilting retreat' with a bunch of fabulous women.

It's the only time I sew but who can resist a long weekend at a posh Finger Lakes resort complete with magnificent views and wine tastings?

A view of the rain-soaked, and still frozen, Canadaigua Lake.

Here's a partial view of the sewing mess - about 35 women each with a banquet table to work on can make a lot of stuff in three days.

I "fabricated" (eye roll) a postcard for a mail exchange.
Of course it's birds.

I also completed my quilt - the one I started six years ago the first time I went to the quilt retreat.

Year one I cut out all the pieces. Year two I laid them out and began stitching them together, year three I finished stitching them together. Year four I left it home, too embarrassed to show the ladies that I hadn't touched it in a year. Year five I backed it and began quilting it on my trusty old Singer - and this year I finished the quilting and bound the damn thing.


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ozjane (Glenice) said...

congratulations on your expeditions into the quilting world.
It seems a long time since I finished anything of note. You are doing well. It looks great.