Friday, March 21, 2014

the 600

I was a late comer to Pinterest.
It was just tumblr for housewives right, something akin to Farmville with recipes?

Then I figured out it was a great way to save and sort images.
Now I also find how-to information and store all sorts of computer flotsam and jetsam there.

And now I have over 600 "followers."
Who are these people looking in my underwear drawers of computer stuff?

Ok, I get that there are lots of us who adore poodle stuff and I do have a nice folder full of weird poodle pictures, products and trinkets.You can click here to see my horde of poodle crap.

But how many people could share my obsession with red and white polka dot mushrooms, or want to see what I have collected on the subject of rhubarb?

Perhaps you're a glass bead maker like me and looking for free tutorials and technical information?
I have a folder for that - here.

Maybe you just want it all!
Here is the link to my silly Pinterest.

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