Sunday, February 16, 2014

Furry Florida

I spent the last two and a half weeks in Florida hanging out with my dad.
He spends a lot of time asleep in his motorized recliner chair, his cat Snowy naps right there beside him.

I'm more of a 'dog person' than a 'cat person.'
Yet, we forged a furry bond of sorts. I took antihistamines and she howled at me for catnip treats.
Miss Snowy has the same hairstyle as Hitler.

My Dad has TV trays set up for her in strategic sunny window spots around the house.

The Florida weather was gorgeous and I took her for lots of cat walkies.
Walking a cat is not for someone with a logical mind or anything better to do.
A single walk to the mailbox and back can take up to 30 minutes.
There's a lot of spontaneous catatonic flopping, grass eating, gecko chasing, dramatic pouncing, twitching and sudden mysterious freezing in place.

Her only trick is doing an impression of a dead bug. Nailed it.

She has a mesmerizing electric water fountain - very zen.

Man, I missed my dogs.

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