Thursday, March 28, 2013

How To Remake A Classic

I have made these beads before.
Enter the way back machine and set the destination for 2006.

I called them "Sky Stones" and you can see a prehistoric blog post here.
Why on earth was I not capitalizing any letters? I was 40-something then, no excuses.

One afternoon last week I was looking at my first bead sketchbook, while waiting for my kiln to heat up, and saw the notes for these. Without a plan for the day I decided to recreate them.

My notes are a bit scrawly - but you can probably make out the original instructions.

I changed it up a bit and here is the recipe for remake.

1. Make a base bead of sky blue.
2. Roll in a mix of dark ivory, aventurine blue, sage green and copper green frits.
    (if you don't have aventurine blue frit, black frit will do)
3. Encase in pale aqua with some small blobs of pale apple green, grass green and pale blue.
4. Melt the encasing down, but don't completely round out the bead.
5. Spot heat and make the facets, I use a cheese knife.

I used to make these with all sorts color combinations - here's a set called "stinkberries."

Their core is Cim's 'Very Berry' the dots are raku and the encasing is pale transparent olive.

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