Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drill Baby Drill

How did I spend my evening?
Drilling out pearls.

Their holes are always too tiny to use with 20 gauge wire.
So I get after them with my Dremmel, a diamond coated bit and a bowl of water.

Tonight I drilled out dozens for a necklace and even more for earrings made with my glass headpins.
I am one with my Dremmel.

Imagine the scene.
An old bat watching a nasty old James Bond movie and drilling pearls - another wild evening.

p.s.  why is it snowing?!?

1 comment:

Angela Smith said...

all these years of making jewellery, why has it never occured to me that I could make the holes of pearls bigger -! -PS It's snowing cos it is still only March x