Saturday, September 08, 2012

Not For Love or Money

I make a lot of these pendants, they have a big fancy glass heart paired with a special found object.
They're called 'Love Charms.'

This battered nickle was given to me as change - I was thrilled.
It's the lucky nickle, lucky to still be alive. I cannot imagine what chewed it up like that.
I used my helicopter punch to make the hole, my favorite new tool,

I'm not even sure what mish mosh of glass I used in the heart - it was an end of the day bead made with scraps on my bench and stuff picked out of my 'shorts' bowl.  I know the base was mostly cobalt blue and black, then some silver foil and some lime green odd lot double helix. It looks like there might also be some transparent aqua and some opal blue frit in there...

I called it "Not for Love or Money" because even though it's a heart (love) and a coin (money) it not what the charm invokes.* It's about being happy to still be alive, about dodging the bullet, surviving a big scare. Like that little nickel, it may be worse for wear but it made it through whatever nasty misadventure befell it.

* invoke - to call on (a deity or spirit) in prayer, as a witness, or for inspiration 


apa essay format said...

Wow so beautiful locket...very creative work with colourful stones...I really admire your work..I wish I could get that locket from somewhere...

Jenni said...

Great name, great sentiment, great bead!